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Skura Style: a subscription kitchen sponge service

Childhood friends, Linda Sawyer and Alison Matz, never could've dreamed they would be hawking high tech sponges as they were growing in Rockland County, New York. But here they are today, disrupting an otherwise sleepy, underserved category and market with Skura Style.

The former advertising and publishing executives have combined their business skills, passion for design and their self-proclaimed “clean freak” attitude to make a better sponge. The subscription sponge service – $12 for a pack of four – is made in the USA, made of patented foam, premium non-abrasive coating and antimicrobial technology that all inhibit odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

The sponges can be ordered for delivery every month or every other month.

"We believe the kitchen is the happiest part of the home, so every square inch of it should bring a smile to your face. We couldn’t understand why the kitchen sponge hadn’t kept pace and wasn’t as well designed as the kitchen it lives in. Even garbage cans can be pretty! So our quest began to create a sponge that didn’t make us cringe—one that looks amazing, performs like a charm, and is easy to buy and replace."

The sponges come in different colors.

Recall a 2017 study that found that cellulose sponges are 200 thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat, but there is a new study. The study found that sponges made of polyurethane (like Skura Style), provide a solution to the gross kitchen sponge – in fact, polyurethane sponges significantly reduce the spread of E. coli, decreasing the risk of infection by up to 90 percent, when compared to a traditional cellulose sponge.

Skura Style sponges don't smell, don't leave smells or stains on your hands and wash quickly for the next use. Also, with the constant delivery of sponges to your home, you will know when to retire the aged sponge and start using the new one.

And you will know when it's time for a new sponge.

Skura Style's foam dries quickly and the scouring surface doesn’t trap food and rinses clean. It’s also safe on a wide range of kitchen surfaces; Skura won’t scratch pots or pans but is still tough enough to scrub through the grime. Plus, we’ve made it easy to know when it’s time to swap out your sponge for a new one with fade-to-change technology that signals when it’s time for a fresh Skura.

Get with the program and get yours now:

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