Mobile gaming companies targeting women

Mobile games as of lately have been making more money than console gaming, through the convenience of access through mobile devices. The future of gaming seems to be making strides towards AR and/or VR when the focus should be directed towards women. 65% of women aged 10-65 in the US play mobile games and few if any gaming execs are women. A company called Fort Mason Games (Confetti Casino Slots) is on a mission to make games with women in mind.

“Gaming companies should embody more empathy towards women when they’re creating a new product. One strategy is to put themselves in a woman’s shoes, and consider what kind of game mechanics, art, and branding they would relate to,” states Kate Gorman the CEO of Fort Mason. “But it’s not enough to just think about what resonates with women - gaming companies should think about how they can respect them.”

Issues in the field of video games regularly arise for a multitude of reasons and the topics tend to center around a few matters when it women. Discussions of the female representation in games has and the context presented to create said perceptions of characters. The frequency of focus on harmful stereotypes that cause or promote skewed perceptions. The depiction of female characters in games are shown as sex objects rather than obtaining a form of substance. Arguments have been directed towards companies for misrepresentations but some companies have made it their goal to embrace and empower women. Why gaming companies need to embrace women…

Over the next 4 years, all growth in gaming will be on mobile; 64% of women and 38% of men already prefer mobile over other gaming platforms. 65% of American women play mobile games - and 43% play 5x a week or more, compared to 38% of men. This mean they’re a more fruitful group to target. 60% of female mobile gamers think fewer than 1 in 3 games are made for women. And games they love to play are worth billions; social casino games alone will gross $4.2 billion in revenue just this year. “In slots games and many other categories of games, women are often portrayed in an overly-sexualized fashion that has no function besides serving a male gaze. As a female-led gaming company, we recognize how demeaning this is to women, so we created Confetti Casino Slots with a much more respectful approach,” stated Gorman.

Confetti Casino is one of the best NEW Vegas slots game of 2018, which is a great way to relax and de-stress. Fort Mason Games surveyed over 3,000 people in the US and found that 93% of them play slots games on the mobile phone to relieve stress. The game provides one of the most realistic slots machines for an app, allowing users to transport themselves to the casino floor and play some real slots machines.

“We make it easy for players to bring their friends into the games as well as make new friendships with other player in the game,” said Gorman. “In our debut game, Confetti Casino, we also let players nurture their relationships by allowing players to send and receive HeartGrams that pay out rewards like game XP and free credits.”

If you are interested in more information on the company you can visit their website at You can also try out their game Confetti Casino, which is available for download on the Apple Store, Google Play or the Amazon App store. Keep up to date and join their community by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. The Fort Mason Games Story

Kate Gorman, the Founder and CEO of Fort Mason Games grew up loving games of all types. It was her love of games that led her to major in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. She joined Zynga while still a student at Berkeley, and moved up quickly to become one of the youngest Zynga executives, After many years at Zynga she decided to found her own games company and bring happiness through games to people around the world.