Grip Boost glove provides a better grip when you need it

Grip Boost originated from engineering PhDs from the University of Maryland’s Chemical Engineering Department teamed up with former Terps’ and Ravens’ Tight End Matt Furstenburg and Entrepreneur Businessman Harry Geller to tackle the problems with football gloves. A rapid decline in the tackiness/grip due to intense frictional contact experienced throughout practices and during games. The creation of Grip Boost Football Gel is the first product to restore the sticky grip to football gloves without leaving any residue on the ball. The successful partnership between science and athletics has led to the development of new products in other sports such as baseball and golf, a recent release is the new Grip Boost Men’s Left Hand Golf Glove 2.0.

The Grip Boost Men’s Left & Right Hand Golf Glove 2.0 Cabretta Leather Sheep Skin No-Slip Golf Gloves has an innovative tacky grip. They are all weather gloves meaning they will still provide peak performance whether it be rain so your grip won’t slip or keep the palms cool during hot conditions. Its lightweight design with soft feel and full control will sew confidence into one’s swing.

The gloves have a AAA Cabretta Leather, which is the highest quality leather golf glove material for providing enhanced grip, mobility and durability in all weather conditions. Cabretta Leather golf gloves are the most supple material, the pliability allows a full range of motion for a natural, unhindered performance. It is made from sheep skin, Cabretta leather stretches with movement and provides grip and protection when you need it.

The Grip Boost Golf Glove for Left Hand has a dimpled mesh design which keeps hands dry and cool by reducing moisture build-up in the gloves and allowing for fresh air flow. A perforated mesh windows on the pointer finger and thumb increase airflow so hands stay comfortable and dry in all weather conditions. Dry hands allow for a comfortable grip and prevent blisters and chafing, reducing distraction and increasing performance.

Play a great game and wear a great accessory with the white with white Grip Boost glove. The Men’s Left Hand Golf Glove 2.0 is currently available on the Grip Boost website for a price of $14.99. A quantity discount is available where people can buy 2 for $13.49 each (10% off), 3 for $12.74 each (15% off) and/or buy 4 for $11.99 each (20% off).