Investing advice from the likes of John McEnroe and George Costanza in new book

Veteran financial advisor, Patrick Huey is making his authorial debut with release of History Lessons for the Modern Investor. The 423-page book employs historical tales to teach financial concepts, provide investing guidance and explain how our humanity influences our investment decisions.

From the cognitive bias that played a role in Julius Caesar's demise to Ben Franklin's example of the power of diversification there is much to be gained from the wisdom of the ages. More recently, we can learn about contrarianism courtesy of Jerry Seinfeld's fictional best friend, George Costanza or emotional investing from tennis great, John McEnroe. History Lessons for the Modern Investor is available in hardcopy for $17.95 or Kindle for $9.99 on Amazon. Complimentary excerpts and Huey's "extra credit" videos, exercises and more are available on his History Lessons blog.