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Get more life out of a bar of soap with SoapStandle

Set the bar high, with SoapStandle!

If you have ever used bar soap you may be familiar with one of its most common issues, when the goo develops. Once the soap has been set down after use on a surface, it then begins to dry and the goo begins to accumulate. The soap in turn then deteriorates faster and instead of it’s common use for cleaning it goes down the drain. A company called SoapStandle has created a simple device to provide solution to this issue, along with an approach to be more environmentally conscious.

SoapStandle is both a soap stand and handle in one, it is a device that affixes to bar of soap through small points on one side of the bar. The soap is provided with a platform and elevation allowing air to circulate around the soap when it’s not being used. The setup is simple, just press your soap bar down firmly onto the SoapStandle’s rounded points and then you should be set to go.

Benefits of SoapStandle

  • Solves Soap Goo: The SoapStandle allows air to circulate 360°

  • Soap Won’t Slip: Device functions a handle as well for easy grasp

  • Saves Money: Frequency of soap replacements will decrease, as the soap lasts longer

  • Less Plastic Trash: Bar soap is a good alternative to the use of liquid soap, which requires more plastic material.

One aspect we often overlook is the environmental effects our hygienic items may be causing, particularly plastic packaging. Discarded plastic containers add up to the issue of plastic trash filling up landfills. The packaging of bar soap typically comes in paper or cardboard, which break down easier in landfills but are also recyclable materials.

Set the bar high or low, once you connect the SoapStandle device you’ll be enjoying all it has to offer. The SoapStandle is currently being sold in a 2-pack at a price of $8.00. Visit their website at for more information or if you would like to purchase the product.

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