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Sengled Element bulbs show your house in a new light

If you watch all those home improvement shows on HGTV or DIY, you know even a partial home renovation is expensive. What if I told you, that you could do a ultra-quick facelift for each room in your home for less than $20 per room?

It's possible with Sengled and their Element line of smart lightbulbs.

These are bulbs that let your control the lights in every room via mobile app or your voice. That is with the hub that will run you just another $20.

The Element Classic A19 LED Smart Lighting Starter Kit is the easy, affordable way to get whole-home smart lighting. Use included hub to schedule, dim, and turn bulbs On/Off, and run preset routines for Wake Up, Energy Saving, and more. All for just $40.The Hub allows you to control more than one lightbulb at a time and make them do whatever you want. It allows me to control the lights in our kitchen, while I'm upstairs in my office.

This is added flexibility for your life whether you are home or on the road.

Connect your Element bulbs and hub to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to enjoy hands-free voice control. Set up is easy and works seamlessly. Set custom lighting schedules and create lighting groups from a mobile device or the smart hub. Sengled bulbs are energy efficient. Energy Efficient: Element LED bulbs save 80% energy compared to incandescent lighting. Use Element Home app to monitor electricity (kWh) use.

You may also want to try... Element Color Plus bulbs as they enhance the easy-to-use, advanced features of other Sengled Element family products – such as app control, scheduling, white temperature tuning and energy use tracking – with incredible color-changing capabilities of 16M color varieties. Now homeowners can illuminate any room with calming colors to set a relaxing mood or excite guests with festive team colors for an at-home watch party.

Sengled Element LED smart bulbs are the easy, affordable way to get started with smart home lighting. Element is the simple way to decrease energy use, automate hard-to-reach fixtures, and turn the lights on before you get home. Sengled is the best value in home lighting and with the way they innovate, you will never have a product or platform that is dated.

Of course, see more and get your bulbs and more at

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