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Putt Breaks feature on GolfLogix uses AR to bring the greens alive

Check out the Putt Breaks feature on the GolfLogix app -- an augmented reality engine that brings to life green contour maps by automatically orienting from wherever you’re physically standing on the green. Just touch your phone screen to indicate where the hole is, and it immediately provides an extremely accurate green read by displaying every contour of your putt in stunning 3-D color detail.

“It gives you confidence standing behind your ball and knowing exactly and instantly how the putt will break,” says Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “It’s revolutionary and is like having a caddie with you who’s intimately familiar with every green in the world.”

Get a 30-day trial of Putt Breaks.

With over 4 million users worldwide, this game-changing app provides golfers will accurate GPS distances, in-round pro-level stat tracking and the revolutionary feature, Putt Breaks. From tee to green, GolfLogix provides the information you need to reduce strokes and Play Smarter.

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