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Beaches may seem like paradise to visitors, but they can house certain illnesses that pose a danger to beach-goers.

The busiest vacation week of the summer has arrived, an increase in beach-goers arises along with searching for way to avoid illnesses on their trips. has released information on 15 common illnesses at 50 of the most popular beach hot spots in the United States through its Beach Index. The Beach Index is part of their website that gives you the most current illness severity levels at your beach town.

Has the stomach flu has been unusually bad recently or strep throat has been going around among school age children along the coast to your upcoming destination? If so you are able to use the Beach Index to find the information you need within seconds. “Usually our tracking is based on full years of history,” said Dan Shaw, the creator of the Doctors Report Illness Tracker. “But beach towns are different so the Doctors Report Beach Index is based on years of summer history.” draws from a national database of doctor-diagnosed and reported cases. The information is usually based on full years of history but with beach towns the approach for the website is based on years of SUMMER history. The illnesses are ranked according to the severity levels on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most prevalent.

“Nothing is more seasonal than the 15 common illnesses we track,” Shaw said. “Just as you’d check the weather before you pack up and head out for vacation, you can now take advantage of one new convenient piece of reliable data that fits perfectly into your vacation routine and helps you make better decisions on where to go and what to do, while minimizing your exposure to the most contagious illnesses anywhere you go in the U.S.” People need to take special precautions with other people and the water and surfaces they touch before arriving to their destination. has developed a proprietary set of algorithms for gauging the prevalence of the most common illnesses powered from data from almost one million doctors’ offices nationwide. The accuracy of the data is capable of being narrowed to zip code and broken down by health condition and age group. You are able to access information by visiting their website at or downloading their app, which is available on Google Play or iTunes.

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