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Krikey is head-to-head soccer that compliments World Cup action

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is underway and already we have seen some astounding matches this past week.

Amidst all the excitement between matches or particular teams you may be following, their is an opportunity to show off your soccer skills. Krikey, an augmented reality app, has provided an AR game that will keep users enthralled between matches.

People can go head-to-head in Krikey to either defend their goal or score a goal against the opponent. You can match up any team you’d like to, all teams are available. The games are played by username so type in the team and start mixing up the face offs. Whether the matchup happens to be a team you want to see win it all in the World Cup, a much needed rematch or even one that did not make it.

Krikey was founded in 2017, and launched publicly in February 2018. They are committed to serving creators with unique augmented reality objects that appeal to specific life experiences and cultural moments. The founders of Krikey are Jhanvi Shriram and Ketaki Shriram, two sisters who attended Stanford University, where start-up culture ran deep throughout the community and campus. The sisters created an Augmented Reality mobile application that enables users to create and share videos featuring 3D AR objects and characters that interact with the real world.

People can also go beyond soccer, the app specializes in 3D AR objects that interact with the real world including unique models of lions, black panthers, manta rays and more. A recent launch made quite the roar for all the dinosaur fans with the T-Rex AR object. A new set of sports game releases will be released at the end of July, along with other fun games. One the team has hinted that they are quite excited about is in relation for National Ice Cream month in July.

The Krikey application is readily available for use and download on the App Store, with a tentative release for an Android version by the end of summer. For more information visit their website at Stay up to date with Krikey by following them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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