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Mynt ES an improvement over other trackers

The new Mynt ES Bluetooth tracker is "loud and proud."

"Loud" as in when you need to find it, it lets you know where it is.

I've tried a bunch of Bluetooth trackers, at varying price points, but I'm now sold on the Mynt ES. Mynt ES brings the best of the Mynt Tracker with a new design, more sound and a lower price. $15 is about right for a Bluetooth tracker. Advances in AI and connectivity improvements have been made that simplify operation and offer a better overall experience.. Mynt’s smartphone app works with the smartphone’s GPS, keeping a record of the frequently-visited locations. If a user activates the search function, the app displays the item’s location on a map that is easy to read. The secret here may be a new Bluetooth inner chip that appears to be more durable and provides a secure connection between device and smartphone. A new generation of embedded anti-loss algorithms enable the Mynt ES to achieve 99 percent search accuracy indoors and outside.That's much better than any other tracker near this price point.

The customized buzzer on the Mynt ES is loud, much louder than its predecessor. The chamber transmits sound in all directions, so the user only needs to press the “find” button once to locate. The new Mynt ES is lightweight, compact and attaches nicely to a key ring, backpack, purse or any device your want to find or track. Battery life should be one year and the battery is now more easily replaced. Forget the rest and go with the Mynt ES. A must for the summer pool season and then Back to School and tailgating season.

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