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Digital license plates from Reviver Auto may soon be an option for your car

Disrupting a 125-year old industry doesn’t happen overnight… but Reviver Auto Co-Founder and CEO Neville Boston is up to the challenge. Boston, founder and CEO of Reviver Auto was in New York City last week, talking to anyone who wanted to listen about his new high tech take on an old product, your vehicle's licenses plate.

What started out as a way to speed up and streamline the registration process for your car or fleet of vehicles has some additional byproducts. Gone is old dirty metal tag or plate and taking its place is a high tech and customizable digital display.

The Rplate Pro from Reviver Auto is the world’s first digital license plate. The multi-functional digital display and connected vehicle platform offers a variety of features to make driving safer and smarter for consumers including: -Automated DMV Registration – Including renewals, transfer of ownership and autopay -Parking & Tolls – Display parking permits & violations, automatically pay tolls -Safety Alerts – Including emergency, weather and Amber Alerts -Personalization – Change plate’s background color and add custom messages such as student driver, real driver or baby on board -Specialty Plate – Handicap, medical condition, senior driver, student driver etc. -Cause Plate – Support nonprofits, communities, charities and other causes with approved cause plates -Vehicle Tracking – Track your vehicle, speed and trips, and even display a stolen vehicle message -Smart Home Connectivity – Connect your Rplate Pro to interact with smart home features such as lights, garage door and security system -Targeted Messaging – Display customized messaging when the car is legally parked

You can see more about Reviver and how it works in this video:

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