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Keep 'messenger' conversations private with Chat Box

Seraversal Group had released a unique messenger, working on a decentralized algorithm called Chat Box. The messenger is ideal for private certification on one’s network with focus on the security of one’s correspondence. All correspondence, files, contacts are stored on your PC and nobody except you and people you trust can access them.

Users are able to create groups using private chats to send and files and while remaining confidential. For example, you can join all colleagues into one chat and write down all the plans for a week in a group, just add everyone to it and write to all at once. There is no single central server with all users data such as “Facebook”, is your own messenger, as far as possible protected from leaking any information.

The application Chat Box server is easy to install and to use, a couple of clicks and it will be installed into the system. There is no need to hire a system administrator for setting up the program. It is designed so that you do not have to do anything once again, it can work both in a local network and through the Internet. The product is joined with the Microsoft certification process for Windows OS, which is safe for consumer use.

If you would like more information on Chat Box or are interested in downloading it by visiting the developer’s website. A mobile app called Chat Box BP is also currently available for download on Google Play. Keep up to date with Chat Box on Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

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