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myCharge shows support for LGBTQ community by creating the Pride Limited Edition charger

myCharge makes as good a charger that's on the market today. In terms of durability, charging speed and specs, they have all the bases covered.

They now have an affordable charger that is giving back to the LGBTQ community with the Pride Limited Edition charger.

This is everything you'd expect from a myCharge power source plus 5% of sales being donated to The Trevor Project. On the side, is also dipping into the smartphone accessory craze with myFlipShade, which is perfect for those bright summer days.


  • Supercharge smartphones, tablets and other USB devices delivering 4000mAh (up to 2x additional charges) and 1A of output power

  • 2-In-1 CHARGER WITH HANDY FOLD OUT PLUG: Features a built-in foldable wall plug for ultra-fast recharging and serves as both a wall adapter and a portable charger

  • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING: This rechargeable external battery pack is a great travel companion and easily stores and conveniently charges the power bank via wall outlet and connected device simultaneously

  • FOUR-LIGHT LED BATTERY INDICATOR: Simply shake the charger for the lights to indicate power level and when charger needs to be plugged in for a recharge

  • SMALL & COMPACT DESIGN: Dimensions: 5.2 in x 2.47 in x 0.56 in / Weight: 0.42lbs

At myCharge we promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. We are proud to partner with The Trevor Project in supporting the LGBTQ community. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people ages 13-24. Learn more about The Trevor Project!

Or get on Amazon here.

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