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No need to say 'shhhhh' with Etymotic's mk5 Isolator earphones

mk5 Isolator earphones are the newest addition to Etymotic's high-fidelity Isolator earphone series. They feature Etymotic's renowned sound quality and high noise isolation. These are noise cancelling earphones perfect for exercise, sports and travel.

Isolator earphones are a great choice for today's active lifestyles. They tune out the sounds around you, so you can hear every detail in your audiobooks, music or podcasts. These low-profile, in-ear earphones fit comfortably with hats and helmets. Ideal for commuting, travel and sports activities, they sit perfectly in your ear.

The Isolator earphone series is an extension of its original 6i earphones and feature Etymotic’s renowned sound quality. The Isolator Earphones block out ambient noise, so every detail in the music can be heard. These are low-profile earbuds that blend in with the surroundings, but users aren't compromising anything when it comes to performance.

It's bad for your ears to turn up the volume to overcome outside sounds. In fact, earbud headphones, even at low volume, may be causing permanent damage to your hearing. A study at Harvard Medical School's Eaton Peabody Laboratory said you can lose up to 90 percent of your cochlear nerve fibers — without losing the ability to detect a tone in quiet. But once background noise is introduced, hearing ability drops dramatically.

Now every detail in sound can be heard clearly and safely. The Isolator matches the ear’s response for natural sound reproduction Low-level passages and the soft dynamics of music are heard clearly Ideal for personal listening and in-ear monitoring Powerful drivers in compact capsules Additional notes:

Etymotic’s earphones have the highest noise isolation of all earphones, as measured by an independent laboratory accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Reduction of outside noise lowers the risk of listening at unsafe levels.

Etymotic's founder Dr. Mead Killion, an audiologist, engineer, inventor and jazz musician, leads Etymotic’s engineering team. Together, audio engineers, musicians and audiologists at Etymotic have generated over 100 patents issued and pending. Etymotic has the distinction of being the first company to develop and patent noise-isolating, high fidelity in-ear earphones.

A great breakthrough when it comes to earphones in terms of quality and price.

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