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ROXs 2s is a video game that keeps you active

ROXs 2s lets kids have fun with an electronic device, but get some outdoors exercise.

Getting kids to put down their electronic devices and step away from the television can be difficult, especially when they are averaging five hours of screen time per day and are experiencing cabin fever from being cooped up inside all day during the cold months. ROXs 2s combines tech kids love with imagination and exercise. The real-life video game utilizes a main sensor that looks similar to a tap light and chips called PEBBs that can be scanned by the sensor and used to play a variety of games. The fitness level of the games can be enhanced and new games can be created using kids’ imaginations.

Instead of just having the ROX sensor on the ground strap it to a tree so you have to jump to scan the PEBBs.

The possibilities are endless.

Now you and the entire family can be active and still play a video game.

Easy to set up, easy to use. The gaming system consists of wirelessly connected pods called ROXs and interactive action pebbles called PEBBs. ROXs come with light and sound effects and different sensors. Place ROXs or PEBBs anywhere you want. On the floor, in a tree, around your friend. Your imagination rules. Then use the ROXs App and select one of the many games. Chase zombies, chicken or become the Ninja Warrior Master of your own backyard. The great thing about ROXs is that you can use your imagination to set up your own game rules and mix it with your favorite toys. It is all about imaginative play, powered by tech. Connected Play – the Active Way.

Those old Milton Bradley board games used to say, "fun for the entire family," and ROXs really is, and great exercise.

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