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May 17 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 17 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day – an annual day to get people thinking and learning about how technology can help people who have a disability, like not being able to see or hear, to feel included, share their lives with friends and family and access information just like everyone else does.

Rick talked to Facebook's Matt King about this important day. And you can see the interview.

Great stuff from Matt and he promises to keep up the great work he has been doing.

As Facebook’s first blind engineer, Matt is pushing boundaries in software accessibility for people with disabilities. Born legally blind as a result of retinitis pigmentosa, Matt lost his remaining vision while at the University of Notre Dame and had to learn to rely on screen reading software when using computers. Seeing the potential of such software but frustrated by its limitations, Matt began dedicating his free time to improving it, first at IBM and now at Facebook. Matt is a three-time Paralympian, record-breaking tandem cyclist and the only blind championship medal holder in the field of US elite track cyclists.

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