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Audiophiles love Gearogs

Gearogs, the music gear and audio equipment database and marketplace, celebrates its first anniversary of their marketplace launch. The company launched in 2017 and provided a new place to buy and sell music gear for audiophiles, Djs, musicians and the audio equipment curious alike.

Gearogs’ mission continues to be the complete cataloging of music gear from all corners of the worlds. The marketplace may have launched last year, but the Database has been operational and growing since 2014. They are nearly at 15,000 unique pieces of music gear, making it the biggest community-built audio gear database in the world. In the year since the public beta launch, Gearogs has undergone several improvements, which include; enhanced search functionality, seamless integration between database and marketplace, and a sleeker, user-friendly interface for product pages.

The database had originally commenced as predominantly turntables, 2017 saw turntables overtaken by speakers as the most cataloged piece of gear. There are now over 2,600 models of speakers in the Gearogs database, followed by 1,800 synths and 1,600 turntables. Other types of gear currently cataloged include analog and digital effects pedals, headphones, mixing consoles, among several other types of gear.

The Gearogs sister-site, Discogs, allows gearheads to track their Collection and save items to their Wantlist. Discogs is the largest physical music database and marketplace in the world with a catalog of more than 9.5 million recording and 5 million artists. They connect buyers and sellers across the globe with more than 30 millions items available, 4.7 million active registered users and thousands of sellers. Join one of the fastest growing and largest music community, start by downloading the Discogs App, which is available for iOS and Android.

Whether you are looking for audio equipment or new music releases you should visit either Gearogs or Discogs for your music and music gear needs. You can keep up to date with Gearogs on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also keep up to date with Discogs on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Additionally you are able to visit Gearogs on their website at and Discogs on their website at

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