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Digital Inclusion Week starts May 7

Digital Inclusion Week is set nationally for May 7 to May 11. It’s a week to raise awareness and understanding of who is being left out of a digital world; how it impacts families, businesses, and communities; and what can be done to include all Americans.

“Connected Nation works with local, state, and federal leaders to help them more effectively identify where the Digital Divide truly sits and what can be done to close the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots,’” said Tom Ferree, Chairman & CEO of Connected Nation (CN). “We also provide programs focused on expanding the adoption and use of broadband (high-speed internet) and its related technologies once they are available. This is such an important piece of the puzzle because just having access to the internet is not enough. People need to understand how to access the opportunities for a better education, healthcare, jobs, goods and services, and, ultimately, a better quality of life.”

Connected Nation’s mission is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions for expanding access, adoption, and use across the country. The nonprofit does so through, among other things, its workforce development program, Digital Works, as well as school technology assessments, mapping and analysis services, state and federal advocacy, and the Connectedsm Community Engagement Program.

“Digital Inclusion Week is a perfect time to remind communities that if students in their area can’t get online to do their homework, if businesses are struggling to reach new customers, or even if their city government can’t connect with its citizens through broadband, then we can help,” said Eric Frederick, Vice President of Community Affairs for CN. “It’s incredible how beneficial the Internet is to families and businesses. The opportunities are limitless. To leave people out, to leave them without the broadband access that can improve their quality of life or help them improve their education or financial standing, is simply wrong.”

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