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Technology and turkey meet at National Wild Turkey Federation Winchester Museum

Your hunt is over as you have arrived at one of the best museums in the South. Wild Turkeys live in mature forests, particularly nut trees such as oak, hickory, or beech, interspersed with edges and fields. You may also see them along roads and in woodsy backyards. After being hunted out of large parts of their range, turkeys were reintroduced and are numerous once again. So welcome to the National Wild Turkey Federation Winchester Museum!

Wild Turkeys

A large ground-dwelling bird that is 36-44 inches in length. It has a large, fan-shaped tail; long, stocky pink or gray legs; short, rounded wings; a bare head and neck and a small, down curving bill.

Located in Edgefield, SC, the NWTF’s Winchester Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to the restoration, management and hunting of the wild turkey. Be educated and entertained by the amazing story of the American wild turkey unfold through exciting displays in the 7,200 square foot museum. Visitors can step inside the world’s largest turkey call, take a virtual ride in a retired USDA Forest Service helicopter, listen to animated characters talk about the history of the wild turkey, play a laser hunting game and more. A 740-acre Outdoor Education Center includes a series of nature trails, fishing and recreation ponds, camping and RV amenities, archery park, full service shooting facility, meeting space, conference center and outdoor pavilions.

The National Wild Turkey Federation has 225,000 members.

Museum features:

-The world’s largest turkey call: Visitors can step into this oversized box call and learn how to make different types of wild turkey sounds. -A helicopter simulator: Sit in a retired USDA Forest Service helicopter and go along on a controlled burn expedition. -Shooting simulator: This arcade-style shooting game is fun for the young and young at heart! -Wildlife oddities: See the unexpected and sometimes strange variations in nature when it comes to wild turkeys and white-tailed deer. -3D wild turkey dioramas: This isn’t the shoebox stories of elementary school. See artist renderings and taxidermy of the five wild turkey subspecies and the ocellated species in their natural habitats. -Animated storytellers: A life-like grandpa sits in a rocking chair and tells stories about the history of the NWTF, turkey hunting and conservation. We also have a state-of-the-art animatronic Cherokee Indian who shares legends and stories of wild turkeys. -Historic turkey calls: Donated by master turkey callmakers Neil Cost and M.L. Lynch, these are some of the museum’s most treasured collections. Visitors also can view the wall that depicts the evolution of turkey calls spanning more than a century. -Virtual reality theater: Enter the theater and you’re immediately transported to the break of dawn on a spring morning. Hear the sounds and see the sights of the woods waking up. Watch out for the turkeys flying off their roost!

Pay special attention to the American Folk Art area. Both lovers of art and American wildlife will love walking through this exhibit.

Make sure you try out all the interactive exhibits and displays.


770 Augusta Road, Edgefield, South Carolina 29824 The museum is located about an hour southwest of Columbia, S.C., and 40 minutes north of Augusta, Ga. Admission: Free for NWTF members; Non-members: $5; Non-member children age 17 and under: $2

Days and Hours of Operation: M-F 9 am–4:30 pm for self-guided tours; guided tours and weekend tours by appointment only. You can always call ahead to confirm operation hours. If you are or get hungry:

Make sure you stop for lunch or dinner, before or after your visit at Midway BBQ in Buffalo, SC. Family owned and operated, Midway is the "hash and chicken stew capital of the world." Make sure you try both along with a number of their side dishes. Since 1941, Midway has been serving up the best BBQ in South Carolina. Don't miss out!

Again, happy hunting!

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