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Helio is a high quality outdoors light

Helio, a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter has been successfully funded and with mass production is complete. This might be the best outdoor lantern available in the market now. Helio weights only 45g, 1/5 the size of traditional camping lantern, but twice the brightness. With its high quality LED, Helio is 30% more efficient than the normal lanterns. The lighting distance can reach 20 meters, which is enough for 6 people in camping. Helio can last for 10 hours rely just on its built-in battery and only needs 20 minutes to charge with any power bank or laptop. Anywhere you might need a light for safety and convenience, Helio is a great choice.

Helio is just $34. Helio is very popular among campers and outdoor enthusiasts, its brightness and lightness makes Helio a leading product in the market of camping lantern. Helio is 680% funded on Kickstarter with 1,225 backers and with crowdfunding being successfully ended we continue to receive enquires from buyers around the world.

Get it now at this introductory price. It charges quickly and is waterproof and weatherproof.

This is the lightest camping lantern I've tried, and won't attract insects. Try the different modes: 200lm / 90lm / 20lm / sos mode with warm light good for eyes. Rechargeable by usb and solar panel & long lasting and waterproof. There is an innovational magnetic base, a hanging hook that easily attaches and is durable.

Buy three. Keep one in your backpack, one in your pocket and one in your glove compartment.

Helio is now available to purchase on Indiegogo Marketplace, Amazon, and our official website:

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