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How a 'Yellow Dot' can save your life

You should have one of these in every vehicle you own.

The Yellow Dot Program is a nationally recognized motor vehicle safety program dedicated to making sure that first responders have access to your medical information in the event of a crisis. Medical personnel can make the best decisions regarding emergency treatment when they know about an individual's medical history, medications, and allergies. Many emergency personnel are trained to look for a Yellow Dot decal when they arrive at the scene of an accident, which indicates the presence of a folder in the glove compartment containing important medical documentation.

Check out StoreSMART's National Yellow Dot Program kits, as each contains a bright yellow sticker for your vehicle window, a yellow plastic pocket to hold photos and medical information, and a medical information form. Keep your folder in the glove compartment for easy access during emergencies. The pocket is clearly marked to draw the attention of first responders.

Protect ALL your loved ones today. Your peace of mind can't wait! Product Features: Made of heavy-duty bright yellow vinyl, with a crystal clear photo/card holder on the front. Back pocket holds ten 8 ½" x 11" trifold sheets of medical and insurance information, advance directives, etc. 2 ½" x 4" front pocket holds your photo, business and Medicare cards, and personal contacts. Includes 3" round sticker and medical information form. Medical form is quick and easy to fill out! Opens on the short side with a ½" lip. Inside capacity: 3 7⁄8" x 8 7⁄8". Outside dimensions: 4" x 9". Proudly manufactured in the USA. Why for your car? Homeowners: Create a Yellow Dot pocket for everyone who regularly uses your vehicle.

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