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Tapplock is the world's first smart fingerprint padlock

Tapplock is a new way to experience and use padlocks.

What Tapplock can do:

- Add you and your family's fingerprints in the lock, manage them through identity. - Use your phone as another key to the lock. - Your friend needs your bike? Give your friend a temporary access to the lock. - You always can check the opening history of the lock. See who's the last person using it.

No more combinations, just your fingerprint.

State-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 0.8 seconds. Stores up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users. Adaptive algorithm means the lock becomes faster and more accurate with each access.

Tapplock is water resistant up to IP66, rust-proof and rain-proof. It can be used between -10C and 60C (14F and 140F). It's versatile. Unlock with your fingerprint, but also with Bluetooth via the easy to use Tapplock app. It's a breeze to unlock using your phone, and backup Morse-Code unlocking by pressing long / short combinations on the power button is a way out of trouble and something never offered in padlocks in the past. You can also view access history with time and location, so you know who is using your Tapplock.

The Tapplock is durable It's constructed with Zamak 3 zinc alloy metal body with cut-resistant 7mm stainless steel shackle and the double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry capabilities makes Tapplock one virtually unbreakable lock. Sure there is a rechargeable battery, but you get up to a year battery life per two hours charge time (or 3,500 unlocks per charge). The Tapplock app will show and tell your when it needs a charge.

Tapplock is the one padlock you need and with unparalleled durability, it will last. It will keep your valuables safe and it works overtime, you so don't have to worry about keys or remembering combinations.

Buy one now for yourself and one for a friend at:

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