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Last chance funding for Snoopa Kylin M

Snoppa Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical innovation company, dedicated to developing intelligent hardware and software facilities for action film shooting. One of their main products are electronic 3-axis gimbal stabilizer series, including handheld, on-vehicle types, for sports cameras and cell phones. One of their outstanding products that has improved filming accuracy and makes it more convenient than using traditional gimbals is the Kylin M.

The Kylin M is the world’s first revolutionary gimbal stabilizer with a rotatable handle designed to provide ease and better filming output. It is primarily designed for lightweight cameras and in turn has a lighter body and offers portability. It is compatible with DSLR, mirrorless DC, mobile phones and action cameras. The package also arrives in a hard-shell zippered travel case to safely store the equipment while on the move.

A special control cable is included, which allows users to control shutter/focus, video recording and zoom conveniently. The currently supported camera controls include the Panasonic Lumix GH4/GH5 and Sony mirrorless DC. The Kylin M is equipped with 2 Li-ion batteries, which can support at least 12 hours of runtime. The battery requires 3 hours from full discharge to full charge with the supplied charger. Two transformable handling modes are offered by the Kylin M, which is the straight holding mode and the carry mode. The straight holding mode is suitable for high angle and medium angle filming while the carry mode is best for low angle filming. Filmmakers can shoot in various modes including…

Pan Track Mode: Roll and tilt aces are locked, pan left and right following the arm movement, pushing the joystick up and down to tilt. Lock Mode: Pan, roll and tilt aces are all locked, pushing the joystick to pan or tilt. Omni Track Mode: Roll axis is locked, pan and tilt following the arm movement. Roll Track Mode: Pan and tilt aces are locked, gimbal can be rolled by pushing the joystick left and right, or by rolling your arm.

The Kylin M allows videographer more flexibility and filming freedom through it’s revolutionary design. Their are different bundle options available for those interested in purchasing the Kylin M and additional accessories through the company’s Indiegogo page. The Basic Bundle without Cable is priced at $229.00, the Basic Bundle with Cable is priced at $249.00 and the Camera control cable is priced at $20.00. If you would like more information on the Snoppar Kylin M visit their website and follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date with them. Order now on Indiegogo page, it has already surpassed it’s $10,000 goal by 7634% and the limited quantity along with special pricing will be ending in one day!

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