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Adobe Summit news as Adobe and Microsoft bridge a gap to China

First big news out of Adobe Summit as Adobe and Microsoft’s extend a partnership into China to help local brands deliver personalized customer experiences. Also new today, Adobe and Microsoft unveiled:

  • New native integrations between Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Azure, Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI

  • A new standard model that aligns data across an organization with ease, with the integration of Adobe XDM and Microsoft CDM

More than 60 global brands leverage Adobe and Microsoft joint solutions, including 24 Hour Fitness, Foot Locker, Tourism Australia and W.B. Mason.

This will also help at serving more than 60 global brands today, as Adobe and Microsoft’s new native technology integrations include Adobe Experience Manager Sites Managed Service, running on Microsoft Azure to help companies deliver personalized web experiences. The integration of Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables enterprises to compile customer insights, creating a single view of the customer that can be used to personalize experiences across marketing touchpoints. The integration of Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI allows brands to pull data into Power BI to visualize the impact of campaigns across audiences. Adobe and Microsoft will integrate their respective data models—Adobe XDM “Experience Data Model” and Microsoft CDM “Common Data Model”—into a standard data model that defines and unifies the language for marketing, sales and services data. The standard data model aligns vast data sets across an organization to develop more complete customer profiles and eliminates the need to build and constantly update connectors between systems.

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