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More awards for Catalyst

Catalyst, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s most protective and stylish waterproof cases and accessories for electronic devices, has been named a winner of the 2018 iF DESIGN AWARD. The award is a world-renowned design prize given by Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH. They received the award for artistic design of iPhone product packaging.

Catalyst is a lifestyle accessories brand founded to create iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world. Their product packaging won over the 63-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its minimalist yet premium design features. The competition was intense with over 6,400 entries submitted from over 50 countries, each one in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

“The iF Design Award is a highly prestigious award recognized around the world for outstanding creative development. Our commitment to premium products goes into every detail of the design, presentation and display of the Catalyst brand. We are extremely proud to receive this award,” said Co-Founder and Chief Designer Josh Wright.

The award follows up a few weeks after the company’s award-winning display at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Catalyst case for AirPods received the The Best of CES 2018 recognition from iPhone Life as well as a designation from Digital Trends for the Best Accessories at CES 2018. In addition, they were recognized as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for the design and development of the Catalyst case for AirPods in the Portable Media Players and Accessories product category.

“The Catalyst case for AirPods has been an absolute showstopper for us this year,” Catalyst CEO June Lai said. “We created a one-of-a-kind case that provides total protection for an extremely popular and expensive accessory that makes it drop-proof, water resistant, and easy to carry and keep track of. There was clearly a need for this product and the response from consumers has been incredible.”

Additional awards Catalyst has received includes…

  • A top International Design Award (IDA) recipient

  • The Catalyst case for the iPhone 7 & 8 received the silver award in the Outdoor and Exercise Equipment for the Sports/Toys/Games subcategory

  • The Catalyst case for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 received two bronze awards in the Outdoor and Exercise Equipment for the Exercise Equipment subcategory as well as the Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories subcategory

  • The Catalyst case for AirPods receive two bronze awards in the Exercise Equipment for Sports/Toys/Games subcategory as well as the Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories subcategory

“We’ve had a tremendous year and are proud to be recognized by all these organizations for the quality of work our team does to put the best products in the hand of consumers. We will be launching a number of new products in 2018 and are excited to share the very latest of what Catalyst has to offer,” Lai added.

If you are interested in learning more about the brand that introduced the highest-performance line of everyday cases, accessories and sleeves to bring along for outdoor and underwater adventures alike, visit the Catalyst website at You can also follow the company on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with announcements and news.

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