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Smappee and Nest working together for you

Smappee and Nest, two of the leaders in smart home energy management, have joined forces to help transform homes into smart, energy-efficient dwellings. The Smappee smart home energy management app has joined the “Works with Nest” ecosystem. The combination allows users to both use Smappee’s smart energy monitor and the Nest Learning Thermostat for one of the best energy management systems.

The Smappee app can be considered a virtual command and control center for household energy use. It monitors home energy consumption and offers insights where hidden energy costs can be reduced and tracks the complete flow of electricity from all kinds of devices; solar panels, batteries, heat pumps and more.

The Nest Learning Thermostat helps families operate their heating and air conditioning systems in a smart way. One example, when no one is home, Nest automatically maintains the desired temperature instead of randomly switching on and off. The smart thermostat also knows when the weather’s getting chilly or warming up and regulates the temperature levels accordingly.

Smappee and Nest help families keep tabs on their gas and water use based on household members’ habits. The Smappee app warns when too much gas or water has been used - a useful feature when the home is empty. It also provides a smart home safety net via its integration with the Nest Protect carbon monoxide detector.

As houses continue to get smarter, intelligent electricity, gas and water management becomes more important. The integration of the two companies allow homeowners to tailor their electricity, gas and water consumption to their lives. Energy savings remain the key focus, to push efforts towards the ultimate home energy management platform for homeowners and empower them to learn about, manage and save money on their energy bills.

If you are interested in connecting your Nest Thermostat to the Smappee app, you can download it on the either Google Play Store or the App Store for iOS devices. If you are looking to switch over to a Nest Thermostat, visit the Nest website at

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