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DISH and March Madness is a slam dunk

With March Madness in full swing, let's see how DISH customers can get the most out of the tournament.

During the tournament, DISH is offering the below suite of features that make it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on all the games this March.

- DISHAnywhere®: Take March Madness with you everywhere you go with DISHAnywhere. You can watch 100% of your live and recorded content from any mobile device during the entire tournament.

- Sports Bar Mode: Available on Hopper 3, Sports Bar Mode allows customers to watch up to four live March Madness games simultaneously—perfect for the first rounds of the tournament.

-College Sports Multi-Channel View: For customers without a Hopper, College Sports Multi-Channel View allows users to watch up to four tournament games at once. College Sports Multi-Channel View is available on channel 151.

- Bracket View: With DISH’s Bracket View, users can view an interactive bracket with upcoming, live and completed games. Customers can also schedule recordings directly from the app.

-Game Finder app: With Game Finder, DISH customers can access information on their favorite college basketball teams and easily find and record upcoming games. For more information, check out our March Madness blog here.

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