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Living Pro Sports and Moving Pro Sports here to help

To give pro sports families a friend who’s been there, done that and is ready to share.

Professional football players endure a life journey filled with traveling and consistent adaptation to a new location and, for some, a new city and team. They feel exhausted and overwhelmed physically and mentally and aren’t alone. NFL wives and families have become numb to uprooting their families, moving them around the country, due to their husbands, or fathers, fate at the end of the season. Veteran NFL wife Lori Warhop said, “it’s the lifestyle. You’re fired, hired and always stressed out this time of year.”

Being married to Georgie Warhop, offensive line coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lori has withstood trials and tribulations, such as moving her family 11 times, and decided take her experience into her own hands and provide other wives with a resource. Living Pro Sports, a members-only website, was created to support sports spouses on the move, while Moving Pro Sports provides the logistics aspect. Living Pro Sports provides the moral support and insight that NFL families experience and need during the end of the season. “Few teams offer relocation guidance for the traded player and family on the move,” says Lori. Professional football players, and their families, have struggled long enough, which has inspired Lori to team with veteran relocation expert Cindi Cross of Cross Global Management. Lori strives to be an advocate for the underrepresented group of pro-football wives who’ve endured the post-season struggle as much as their husbands. Living Pro Sports and Moving Pro Sports plan on moving forward in order to be on their side.

It's about sharing information. "That's exactly the kind of information that makes this site work," says Lori. "No matter what city you're in, if you'd like to tell us about a favorite mover, doctor, school system, personal trainer, naturopath, day care--whatever it is, feel free to let us know."

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