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Your home Wi-Fi signal can be anywhere in the world with AmpliFi Teleport

In simple terms, your home Wi-Fi can be with you, anywhere in the world.

Thanks to AmpliFi, the leading consumer home mesh Wi-Fi system developed by Ubiquiti Labs.

They recently announced its existing line expansion with a new consumer product called AmpliFi Teleport! Easy to use and works when anywhere you need it to work. Teleport allows users to securely access their home network and expand their Wi-Fi coverage from any location around the world. Accessing your favorite streaming internationally or domestic on Hulu, Netflix, sending commands to other smart home devices or checking your smart home security system can now be done remotely when they’re on the go or traveling abroad.

The Teleport is now available for purchase online on, Amazon and Best Buy! All consumers who pre-ordered on will also be receiving their product within days. Here is the pricing for each of the products available starting February. AmpliFi Teleport (standalone) – $99.99 AmpliFi Teleport Kit (AmpliFi HD Router and AmpliFi Teleport) – $229.99

AmpliFi Teleport provides a secure and convenient way to access resources at home, even when you are not. Utilizing any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired Ethernet connection, Teleport is able to create an encrypted connection to your home network, expanding it wherever you go. What could be better than using your own Wi-Fi when on the road? It doesn't matter if you travel for business or pleasure, use AmpliFi Teleport and feel secure knowing you can still connect to your home. Watch your local programs and content, video call and connect with family, or check your smart home security. Teleport allows you easy access while you are away from the most important place – your home. There were several products that came out years ago that let you watch your own television channels while traveling, but this takes is a step further.

It’s simple: connect your AmpliFi Router at your home and take the AmpliFi Teleport device with you wherever you go. AmpliFi Teleport works with Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet setup. They be safe as you surf the web and watch streaming content.

In addition, use the app to keeps track of which of your devices are connected, and for how long.

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