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Axel takes a look at the TouchPal AI Keyboard

In case you haven't been following all the tech news... Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona. MWC is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, this year it is being held in Barcelona between February 26 to March 1 2018. It is a place where industry leaders gather, network, showcase and exchange ideas. The event presents an opportunity for people to see next generation technology including drones, virtual reality/augmented reality, robotics, cognitive computing, AI and more. One company called, TouchPal, will be presenting innovated AI technology with the release of one of their most recent products.

Founded in 2008, TouchPal dedicates itself to improving the usability of mobile devices via the innovative software it designs and brings to the market. One of the company’s primary products is the TouchPal Keyboard, which is the #1 keyboard in the world in terms of the product’s user experience and number of the global users. The keyboard is used in over 157 countries and supported by 127 different languages, with over 712 million users. The company had the TouchPal AI lab work on deep machine learning through unique and specialized datasets and is now presenting the TouchPal AI Keyboard.

The TouchPal AI Keyboard is the first to combine an artificial intelligence engine with voice assistant to integrate accurate predictions, smart reply and information recommendations on the same interface. The use of cutting-edge deep learning technology will allow users to experience better support when communicating with others. Features include:

AI Engine: The AI Engine allows the keyboard to reach a higher prediction accuracy of 99.4%, meaning users can expect to enhance their typing speed by an average of 16.3%. AI Assistant: The AI assistant creates a better experience when communicating with others by giving you reply suggestions with Smart Reply, checking the weather at all times with Weather Forecast, getting useful information (emails, links and phone number) out of clipboard with Swift Paste and so much more. Boom Text: Convert words into GIF animations Live Themes: The keyboard can be dressed up with various themes, with live themes available for download and for free. Emoji & Sticker: TouchPal can predict what emoji comes next, with over 1,000 emojis available along with cool stickers.

The TouchPal AI Keyboard use of the neural language model is trained on over a hundred million sentences to meaningfully understand the relationship between words. If you would like more information on the keyboard or on downloading the app visit the TouchPal website.

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