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AirTV rolls out 'Local Channels DVR' on AirTV Player

OTA DVR Capabilities

Sling TV already offers a cloud DVR service that allows customers to record many of their Sling TV delivered programs in the cloud, but a new, "Local Channels DVR Service", allows customers to attach a user supplied storage device (a recommended external USB hard drive or USB thumb drive) for recording channels received via an antenna and the AirTV Adapter. AirTV, a brand dedicated to meeting consumer demand for OTA products and services, today began rolling out its new “Local Channels DVR” in beta on AirTV Player, at no additional cost to customers. Local Channels DVR requires an external storage device to record OTA channels received via an OTA antenna and AirTV Adapter.

"AirTV continuously pushes to meet consumer demand for a better cord cutting and OTA experience," said Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV. "With the introduction of Local Channels DVR and the existing Sling TV Cloud DVR on AirTV Player, customers can now watch and record both OTA and OTT programs, imitating traditional pay-TV for a fraction of the cost." AirTV Player, launched January 2017, is an Android TV-based streaming media device that integrates Sling TV, Netflix, YouTube and the GooglePlay Store with free OTA channels on one platform. Local Channels DVR features include: Storage: When connected to a dedicated external hard drive, AirTV Player can store up to 1TB of recorded OTA content. Integrated DVR menu: Recorded OTA content will appear in the same menu as Sling TV Cloud DVR, indicated by an OTA icon to differentiate it from Sling TV recordings. The integrated DVR menu can be sorted by date, alphabetically or based on whether the show has been watched. Functionality: AirTV Player customers can record one show at once and set single-episode or series recordings in the menu. Users can pause, rewind or fast forward Local Channels DVR recordings. Get information about Local Channels DVR on AirTV Player, see the full news release or visit

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