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Belle is the first AI doorbell

Netvue is a leading innovator in home security industry and is committed to enhancing the quality and safety of households through cutting-edge technologies. They have pioneered numerous security applications in home setting with a portfolio of proprietary IPs in many key fields. Netvue has recently announced its latest innovation at CES, Belle, the world’s first AI (artificial intelligence) doorbell.

Belle is a smart doorbell featuring AI voice interaction, facial recognition, HD live streaming, motion sensing in additional to other mainstream functionalities of Wi-Fi doorbell product. It is capable of having intelligent interaction with people by constantly studying and adapting to human behavior and speech pattern. The device is supported by facial recognition technology and is able to remember and identify frequent visitors.

Belle is powered by an HD live camera and two-way audio and functions as a 24/7 on-shift liaison between the house owners and their visitors. Belle both greets people with basic conversation and will distribute visiting requests via Netvue’s mobile app to the respective home member for remote instructions. Real-time view is accessible on the app to see the front of the home entrance and is available with a network connection and can communicate with guests on a constant basis even when the house owner is away from home.

The Belle doorbell also offers an advanced motion alert and cloud video recording service. Users can customize Belle’s motion detection zones and sensibility to avoid false alerts like street traffic and focus on objects getting close to your front door. It offers three kinds of cloud recordings; Instant Alert Storage of unusual activities for up to 7 days, Ring Video Storage of visitor conversations and 24/7 Cloud Recording of the monitoring views, playback of which is available anytime at your request.

Netvue’s Belle AI doorbell will provide people with a leading-edge approach to respond to your visitors and your home surroundings. Belle recently launched on Kickstarter and reached their funding goals within 3 days, their timeline plans on shipping the products in March of 2018. The Netvue mobile app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. If you would like to learn more about Belle, support the project or buy an early bird special unit starting at $129 visit their Kickstarter page for more information.

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