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Lindsay Vonn uses TheraBand CLX, so should you

TheraBand CLX is the choice of Olympic champ, Lindsay Vonn, and as her competitive skiing career is about to conclude, her Theraband CLX Consecutive Loops deserve some of the credit for her longevity on the slopes and her consistent performance.

Her Olympic events are almost here, so what try a few of Vonn’s favorite workouts before the events.

Using her trusty TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops, Vonn has not only strengthened and toned her full body, but also recovered from serious injuries such as a broken arm and two knee ligament tears. Consult with yourtrainer first, but try front squats, back extensions, body jumps and arm/leg extensions as part of your warmup, cool down or rehab.

It's a workout.

“I felt like that’s one thing that I’ve made my mission in my career is working absolutely as hard as possible so that there’s never a question in my mind whether I could have worked harder,” say Vonn, who uses the CLX Bands heavily during training and rehab.

Right out of the box, the Band is easy to use and you get quick results.

“I use TheraBand in pretty much everything I do,” Vonn says. “Everyone uses them for a reason—because they work. The nice part about the CLX that's different from flat bands is the loops. I can put my arm or hand in them, and I don't have to worry about wrapping it around my hand. It just makes things easier.”

The all-in-one product does the work of bands, loops, tubing with handles, and door anchors. Available in 5 ft. pre-cut lengths and 25 yd. Bulk Rolls. Select from different colors and the $24.99 price makes you want to buy more than one. It is good enough for the most decorated woman in the history of alpine skiing, it’s good enough for you, me and the entire family.

TheraBand CLX.

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