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Wham-O celebrating its 70th anniversary

From radio to television to smartphones, a lot has changed in the last 70 years, but Wham-O, the toy brand responsible for Frisbee, Slip ‘N Slide, Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, Boogie Board, and more, is proof that the best things in life never change…at least, not much.

This year, Wham-O is celebrating its 70th anniversary. While most toy brands have turned to tech, Wham-O has held fast to its screen-free/plug-free approach to fun. And with a recent study linking decreased happiness in adolescents to ample screen-time, we’ve never needed brands like Wham-O more.

From getting through those cold, boring winter nights to fun games to take on family vacations, Wham-O has you covered,

Think Frisbee to the upcoming launch of Wham-O’s Stay ‘N Play line, the brand’s first collection of (INDOOR!) party games and more.

Games and activities like:

· Frisbee · Hula Hoop · Slip ‘N Slide · Hacky Sack · Superball

Or even my all-time favorite, the Superball!

Check out the full collection of Superballs: Classic, Sports, Gross and Off-Road Superball®. Just bounce it!

At Wham-O, you can even submit your own idea for a product here.

Happy 70th to Wham-O!

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