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Hydration, pure water at the heart of LaVie

Hate to say this, but many water-angled tech products do not work or do anything for the water we are drinking.

That is not the case with at French startup, LaVie. LaVie actually works.

LaVie converts tap water to pure, high-quality water in 15 minutes. No filter is needed. Based on a process courtesy of nature.

LaVie is the premium solution for drinking water at home. This is good for you and good for the planet!

No more mediocre water – taste the difference!

Discover the pleasure of drinking pure water in a quality glass bottle with a refined design.

How it works:

Simply place a bottle filled with tap water in the device and the process starts automatically. Within 15 minutes, LaVie goes into standby mode and lets you know with a discrete light signal that you can consume the water immediately, but also load another bottle right away.

Fill up on this great water and go, or take it with you. You save, time, money and aggravation.


Chlorine in drinking water is classified as Level 3 on the carcinogenic scale, while its derivatives (thihalomethanes, including chloroform, bromoform, etc.) are potentially carcinogenic in Europe and possibly carcinogenic in the United States. ..

No other process can kill them effectively without generating hazardous by-products. A filter jug ​​can reduce them (relatively), but will also eliminate the trace minerals, the minerals needed for your health. The filter jug ​​can add silver salts (not good for health) or even other exotic products depending on the condition of its filter. Thus, the French agency of the water (ANCES) published a study in April 2017 which at least concludes to their uselessness ...

Mineral water consumption costs about USD 175 per person per year, generates about one tonne of CO2 per household (4 people) and burns 125 liters of oil (data, manufacture and transport of France). Thus, for a household of two people, the point of profitability is reached after only 6 months.

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