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MEGAComfort's Energysole is an ultra-accurate smart insole

Want "step by step" analysis of your walking and or running activity?

With MEGAComfort’s new intelligent Energysole® powered by MEGASteps technology, users can now measure and analyze their activity at the point of contact - their feet. I was able to try a pair of the ultra-accurate Energysoles at CES 2018 in Las Vegas and as a stand along product, they are extremely comfortable.

The comfort and the fact that the Energysole is a new technology that tracks fitness activity from the soles of your feet with smart phone connectivity makes this a win/win for those wanting accurate data. The Energysole’s state-of-the-art sensors generate step-by-step performance data which is transmitted directly to the MEGASteps App in real-time. This allows wearers to easily track steps, calories burned, level of activity and distance traveled by foot.

MEGAComfort's original, patented dual-layer 100 percent memory foam insoles made them the leader of personal anti-fatigue insoles in the Industrial marketplace. Founded by Podiatrist, Dr. Kevan Orvitz, the company continues to develop their product line by integrating technology, staying current and responding to customer demand for insoles that make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Energysoles utilize the same patented 100 percent dual-layer memory foam, clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue, while providing maximum shock absorption and comfort. However, these insoles take MEGAComfort’s wellness mission one step further with cutting-edge technology that puts wellness in the user’s hands. “After spending the last two decades perfecting our Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Insoles for the health and safety market, our goal was to shatter the stereotype of the conventional insole and lead the insole market into the future,” said Dr. Orvitz “We are offering a superior wellness technology that can tremendously benefit our current market, enhancing their health and wellness initiatives, as well as reach a broader consumer base that wants to take their health to the next level.”

Energysole, can be used daily for leisure or sport activity. It has the unique ability to be integrated into corporate wellness programs to incentivize employees to live healthier lifestyles, ultimately driving down costly employer health insurance premiums. Easily share activity results and milestones via a secure group website. The Energysole group site encourages team spirit and motivates users through performance comparisons with team members and the community. Rally around your fellow Energysole users. The Energysole is a new wearable technology that features a replaceable long-life battery and offers unrivalled step count accuracy, shoe comfort, arch support and balance. Future MEGASteps App updates will include integration with third-party wellness and nutrition apps. In a massive show like CES, Energysole stood out to me. For more information about Energysole, go to For more information about MEGAComfort, visit

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