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5 ways to live stream Super Bowl LII

Just Released: Streaming stats and tips for your Big Game stories

During the 2017 Super Bowl LI (New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons), ExpressVPN reports organic traffic from viewers wanting to stream the game live on their devices increased 10%. In fact, this leading VPN provider reports overall sports related traffic in 2017 was up 131%, and sales of VPN services were up 500%.

5 ways to live stream Super Bowl LII from anywhere:

  1. Watch the official NBC Super Bowl live stream online (cable subscription needed)

  2. Watch the Super Bowl on the official NBC app (cable subscription needed)

  3. Stream the Super Bowl live with NFL Game Pass ($69.99 USD)

  4. Stream the Super Bowl for free on a smartphone by connecting to the Yahoo Sports app through a VPN like ExpressVPN

  5. Watch the Super Bowl for free (without Cable or Satellite) via the BBC by connecting to a UK server through a VPN

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