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Sports Performance Tracker 2 designed for amateur athletes

The everyday or amateur athlete may have felt a little left out as they walked the miles of aisles at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Enter Sports Performance Tracker (SPT), a wearable sports technology company delivering cloud-based analytics into a high-growth global market, is announcing worldwide availability of SPT2. Designed for amateur athletes playing outdoor sports like soccer, football, rugby and more, SPT2’s GPS and software platform monitors, tracks and manages the most advanced fitness performance analytics at an affordable price.

In layman's terms, SPT2 features accumulative algorithms that factor in frequency, magnitude and length of high velocity moments.

“Professional athletes have the resources to easily access valuable data that helps improve their game. While players at the amateur level often put as many endless hours into training, many don’t have the resources to pay for expensive systems that enable them to see how hard they’re working and where they can improve,” said Will Strange, CEO and founder of SPT.

“SPT2 gives players at the grass roots level the same performance data and technology pros use at a much more accessible price. Our advanced hardware and software provide unparalleled statistics on how hard, far and fast players are working, allowing coaches and teams to turn subjective feedback into objective data for the best possible game-time decisions.”

SPT2 gives you as much or as little information as you want. It's data you can actually use.

SPT2 fits in an undergarment Chest Piece, made from a blend of Nylon and elastane, to comfortably secure the GPS unit during practice and games. The 100Hz Inertial Movement Unit and Bluetooth functionality pairs with SPT’s software platform, Gametraka, to allow users to view and dissect performance and metrics in a simple online format.

Gametraka will let users to create personalized segments, trimming data and speed zones to see total performance time, distance traveled, highest velocity reached and time spent in a particular zone. Coaches can look to data from heat maps to see how much time players are spending in particular areas or look at work rate to determine which player can handle more time on the field and who needs more breaks.

Users upload data to Gametraka for a detailed breakdown of their performance. They can look at performances throughout the season to understand trends in their physical output. Using this information, users can compare players individually or create a team performance report to outline who is putting in the hard work and who needs improvement.

SPT2 was worth my trip to CES alone and the good news is that it's now available for $249 at

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