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Verizon ups network capacity 500% in Twin Cities for football fans

Fan of the Patriots and Eagles will have no problem Tweeting, "liking" on Facebook or sharing pictures on Instagram as the Big Game approaches and occurs in the Twin Cities.

Super Bowl LII is rapidly approaching and it’s going to be data, data and more wireless data. (That is, in the amount of wireless data fans will use to share their experience). Last year alone, Verizon customers used 11 TB of data on Super Bowl game day alone. The data usage goal line keeps moving so Verizon has upped its game by increasing network capacity five-fold in Minneapolis/ST. Paul.

A few highlights leading up to the game: - Small cell sites, which are installed on existing city infrastructure, play a big role in adding network capacity where fans will need it most. Verizon has added 230+ small cell sites in the Twin Cities where an expected one million visitors will attend football festivities, beginning with Super Bowl LIVE January 26.

- They also play a role in enhancing public safety, with the city of Minneapolis installing dozens of security cameras on our small cell sites.

- The cameras also show how Verizon is laying the groundwork for smart city technology . Small cells deliver connections to devices like the security cameras for “smart city” services to help monitor the flow and safety of vehicle traffic, manage resources like light, power and water and help improve the quality of life in a community.

- Inside U.S. Bank Stadium (the most tech advanced in the country), a state-of-the-art wireless system – one of the largest distributed antenna systems (DAS) in the U.S. – was built to handle fans streaming, snapping and posting during the big game.

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