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My favorite product at the PGA Show was an umbrella

It's not just any umbrella, the Weatherman umbrella.

I wasn't surprised by that last week, but I was surprised when a noted meteorologist made a guarantee that was to be 100% accurate as Weatherman introduced its golf umbrella at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Heck, golfers need a good umbrella and we know those predicting the weather can be wrong.

Available currently in two sizes, 62 and 68 inches, with even a smaller size on the way, Weatherman's features change how golfers of all skill levels approach weather conditions on the course. Teflon-coated fabric keeps golfers dry and the UPF 50+ barrier protects them from the sun, making Weatherman the perfect golf umbrella for rainor shine. A large mesh pocket on the inside of the canopy offers a dry storage compartment for gloves and a scorecard, while a silicone-coated, non-slip rib is the perfect place to hang a towel. "Golf is a game of inches and we accounted for each one while developing this umbrella," said Weatherman Founder and CEO Rick Reichmuth. "We spoke to golfers of all levels, as well as golf fans, and learned that protection from the sun was just as important as protection from the rain, and keeping everything within arm's reach was crucial. We listened, developed, and delivered the best golf umbrella ever made."

Reichmuth, a longtime and trusted meteorologist set out to design his own umbrella when he couldn't find one that met his needs and standards. The first two Weatherman umbrellas, the Collapsible and Stick sold out two weeks after November's launch. With a wind machine blasting a breeze on attendees holding the Weatherman Golf, it held it's shape and seemed to fight off the wind with ease. There is more to Reichmuth's umbrellas than meet the eye. Like those two models, the new Golf Umbrella includes an integrated Weatherman app that pairs with a Bluetooth tracker to detect the forecast, then gives you alerts when you need to bring your umbrella along. Even if you misplace your Weatherman umbrella on or off the course, the app makes it easy to track its location.

The Weatherman has an easy to hold grip and Reichmuth says they are working on improvements for the 2.0 versions to hit the market as early as later this year.

Reichmuth even made a prediction to me that will prove to be more accurate than an afternoon "pop up" shower on a humid summer afternoon in Atlanta.

"My guarantee: Weatherman won’t ever make anything short of an amazing umbrella."

– Founder and Meteorologist, Rick Reichmuth

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