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GolfLogix proves it's good to be No. 1

GolfLogix is the #1 golf app being used by over 4 million users to improve their performance on the course. The app provides consumers the most advanced green mapping and GPS solutions with the most up-to-date golf course database in the world. A new in-app feature, Putt Break Maps, is being added to help every golfer read putts like the pros.

“We’ve made the number one app in golf even greater,” said Howard Milstein, Chairman of GolfLogix. “In addition to our state-of-the-art GPS rangefinder, we now offer Putt Break Maps that guide players through every inch of the course, from tee box to pin.”

Putt Break Maps shows players where their approach shots will roll and how their putts will break. It will be modeled by the maps that professional golfers use on tour, as one of the only topographical guides of their kind being offered at an accessible price to the average golfer.

“I’ve been using our new Putt Break Maps feature for months, and I can’t wait for our customers to try it. Whether they’re playing a new course or looking for an edge at their local club, our members are definitely going to take fewer putts and shave strokes off their game,” adds Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix.

The app will guide players through every phrase of the game with easy-to-read diagrams that illustrate the contours and flows of the entire green. Players can then receive assistance in selecting the proper club and ball placement strategy to know which part of the green to hit to. Every putt can now have players see precise, close up views of the breaks between the ball and cup, allowing one to see subtle changes in elevation and green direction that are often undetectable to the naked eye.

“This reminds me of the map books that caddies put together for pro golfers, or the visuals you see on golf broadcasts,” says Kellie Stenzel, a Golf magazine top 100 instructor. “It’s the first app I’ve seen that gives such extensive guidance on approach shots and putts. I’m already thinking about how I can use it as a teaching tool.”

GolfLogix Putt Break Maps are sold as in-app purchases with annual, monthly and two-day purchase options for each mapped course. It is already available for over 5,000 courses today, and GolfLogix will add more than 200 new courses each week using a proprietary mapping process. The GolfLogix app will continue to provide accurate distances to the center of the green, yardage book quality imagery of each hole, scorekeeping and in-round pro-level stat tracking for nearly 30,000 courses worldwide. Putt Breaks is readily available within the GolfLogix app, which is free to download for iOS or Android devices.

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