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Momus helps you create memes

Memes come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be Doge, Honey Badger, still shots of the Star Wars prequels or Kermit the frog sipping tea. Memes pop up on our social media feeds more often than not, when somebody finds one relatable or funny they then share it with someone else and then they share it with someone and so on and so forth. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text messages and Reddit are just a few platforms where you may see people sharing memes with one another. Memes can literally be made out of anything, a funny clip from a TV show, a screenshot from a video or self-made content as well. The issue is that not all memes are that great of quality and even if you choose to make your own meme off a trending template by the time you’ve created it, it may already be overused.

One of the most common ways people create new memes is from their own devices using apps, but one in particular has been created to keep up with the times and create relevant content. Momus Meme Studio is the professional meme-makers’ app that streamlines the entire meme-making process. This app in particular was designed by a team who are followed by thousands and millions for their content and meme-making. The team includes; George Resch (@tank.sinatra), Adam Padilla (@adam.the.creator), Bryan Black (@black_humorist), Casey Hochberg (@thedailylit), Greg DeBellas (@highfiveexpert) and Sonny S (@sonny5ideup).

Features Include…

  • Make original memes using classic and trending templates

  • Text, image and watermark editing

  • Inspiration gallery of trending images, updated in real time

  • Templates added as new meme styles emerge

  • Custom sticker + filter packs, updated constantly

  • Ability to add watermarks

  • Share memes straight to social media

  • Save memes to an in-app library

Momus was created by the world’s top content creators with features that make it easier than ever to create quality and trending memes. The app will actively engage users with push notifications, in-app messaging and email programming, and ultimately create a global community around creating and sharing memes and humor. Momus Meme Studio is currently available for download for iOS devices in the app store, there are tentative plans to launch an Android version later in 2018. The mobile app has recently launched with leading brand/social media creative agency, Brandfire. If you would like to read more information or keep up to date with trending topic follow Brandfire on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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