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Relax with the PlushComfort Ultimate pillow

Studies show that a good night’s sleep is the pillar to maintaining good health - from your memory to your heart to your skin. Sleep Number has a mission to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences, they do so by leading the way as a sleep innovator. Sleep Number is helping people get better sleep with the PlushComfort Ultimate pillow.

The PlushComfort Ultimate pillow features three removable inserts for individualized support and adjustable pillow height as sleep needs change over time. The pillow is silky-soft and hypoallergenic, this down-alternative pillow offers microfiber fill to mimic the softness of premium down, combined with a smooth, brushed cotton cover for plush comfort and support. It is also easy to care for as one just needs to refluff or shake as needed to maintain even distribution of fill.

Available in three shapes designed to fit the way you sleep…

  • Classic: Gently supports your head and neck, Best for stomach or back sleepers.

  • Curved: Fits your contours for enhanced comfort and support. Best for side or back sleepers.

  • Ultimate: Three removable inserts let you individualize your support and height as your sleep needs change. Great for all sleeping positions, recommends 1-2 inserts for stomach sleepers; 2-3 inserts for back or side sleepers.

Sleep Number takes a few additional steps in order to give their customers more reasons to love their bedding. They stand behind their PlushComfort Pillows with a 5-year limited warranty. “Love it or exchange it”, customers can try their bedding for up to 30 nights and if you do not love you can exchange it. They additionally have most bedding ship fast and free every day.

The Sleep Number PlushComfort Ultimate pillow is currently available at a price of $49.99. This pillow is the ideal choice for those seeking an adjustable pillow for a comfortable and good night’s sleep. If you would like to purchase the product or would like more information you can visit the PlushComfort Ultimate pillow page.

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