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Safety for cyclists and skiers starts with LIVALL

Almost three-quarters of fatal bicycle crashes (74%) involved a head injury. Nearly all bicyclists who die due to a crash (97%) were not wearing a helmet. When it comes to skiers, head injuries account for 10-20% of injuries sustained on the slopes.Some serious head injuries can be fatal or result in permanent brain or spinal damage. Skiers can reach speeds of 40mph even on fairly moderate slopes, so the force of the impact will be high. Thankfully, safety got a stylish and smart makeover at CES with LIVALL’s brand new range of ‘Helmetphone’, which got the name by combining the concept of traditional and safe helmets with the function of a Bluetooth headset. This allows users to take and receive calls on the move or play audio without cutting themselves off from the outside world.

LIVALL is leading in the smart helmet market and today launch two more innovative products. The BH51 range for urban commuter cyclists and the RS1 for skiers was demonstrated and on display at CES 2018. The RS1 was presented with the 2018 CES Innovation Award for Wearable Technology and the BH51 M with the Tech for a Better World 2018 CES Innovation Award, which has also won the 2017 Eurobike award and 2017 Sports Device IFA Innovation Award.

Connection and safety like no other

Ever found yourself lost on the slopes or split up from the cycling group? LIVALL smart helmets help groups stay connected on the road and the slopes with a radio walkie-talkie function and ‘Push to Talk’ button that enables hands-free calling when attached to a smartphone with the LIVALL riding app for iOS and Android. When connected to the iOS and Android apps, the bike helmets have an SOS function that alerts an emergency contact of the rider’s location when they fall off their bike and don’t react within 90 seconds. Brian Zheng, CEO and founder of LIVALL, said: “I fell off my bike a few years ago, which landed me in hospital. This inspired me to create the world’s first smart and safe helmet back in 2015.”

He continued: “As I hear more and more about skiers and bikers suffering horrific injuries it is time that we took safety into our own hands through the use of technology. With the new range of Helmetphone we have married the optimized functions for even better safety with ultimate style.”

The Helmetphone range

The BH51 M is an ergonomically-designed helmet that combines a classic rotund design inspired by Byzantine architecture married with twenty-first century technology. Ideal for the urban commuter, the LIVALL BH51 M is stylish, comfortable and safe.

Key features include indicative lighting that alert surrounding traffic of the cyclist’s direction, sensory indicator lights that enhance visibility when cycling and bluetooth speakers strategically placed above the ears that mean a rider can stay alert to vehicles around them.

The RS1 sees LIVALL entering a whole new product category of winter sports technology. The smart ski helmet is ideal for those looking for an innovative solution to tasks that are easy at normal temperatures but arduous at -20°C. It combines new-generation technological solutions with serious style.

It has an anti-fog lens, ‘Push to Talk’ function that connects the whole group’s RS1 helmets together as walkie-talkies, mobile connectivity through the iOS and Android app to call hands-free and a super sturdy ABS shell for extra protection.

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