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Amazing PillowSheets

If you want only the best for your newborn!

PillowSheets- a first of its kind innovation that combines the cozy aspects of a pillow with the safety of fitted sheets – giving newborns a better night’s rest. These sheets make a great baby gift for families, providing babies safe and better sleep, which is a gift in itself for parents.


These fitted sheets are the perfect solution for baby sleep worries, providing comfort with womb-like security and meeting American Board of Pediatrics criteria for baby sleep safety.

While it might not appear at first glance, there was a ton of thought put into PillowSheets and their design.

When it comes to getting your baby to sleep—and keeping your baby asleep— is one of the biggest challenges in newborn care. The seemingly endless cycle of sleepless nights and abbreviated naps can be absolute misery for both baby and parent. PillowSheets are the perfect solution to your sleep concerns.

PillowSheets come in different sizes and some fun designs. I have to image, that babies will love sleeping on them, and parents will get a better night sleep knowing their little ones are safe and sound.


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