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A robot that 'does windows' at CES

Just in time for spring cleaning, here's a great CES find- a robot that cleans windows.

RF, which stands for “Robot is the Future”, was one of the hits of CES 2018, as they presented their upgraded glass window cleaning robot, Windowmate. The technology and market possibility of Windowmate has been acknowledged by being awarded with Innovation Awards in two sectors; Home Appliances and Tech for A Better World in CES 2017.

The glass window cleaning robot, Windowmate, is equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet in order to be placed in and out the glass window. Its magnetic force is maintained up to the thickness of 3 cm a glass window. A special microfiber pad, pure ultra-microfiber pad with approximately 35,000 strands per 1 cm, is used for cleaning along with window edge cleaning function ensuring meticulous cleaning of window edges. It supports the precision cleaning with 4 types of sensors, which are the ultrasonic sensor, the accelerometer sensor, the contact sensor and the magnetic sensor.

In order to begin use of the Windowmate one must position it on both sides of the glass window, all you need to do is press one button and it automatically measures the width and height with four sensors, and thereafter commences cleaning in the autonomous driving mode. It can clean up to 0.25m per minute and it can be operated 90 minutes after being charged for 150 minutes. It can also be easily charged using the lithium battery. Once the cleaning is complete, it automatically returns to the spot where it first started, providing convenience for retrieval after completion.

Windowmate supports wireless remote-control functions and even when the power is turned off, the powerful neodymium magnetic force is intact and will not fall off the window. The shape of the “for-commercial” Windowmate has been upgraded by one level so that any brand logo could be placed on it for advertisement. Additionally, LED lighting and waterproof function was applied to the “for-commercial” Windowmate so that the brand is easily recognizable even from a distance. RF is developing a glass window cleaning robot for building windows, and aims to launch the product in the first half of 2018. If you would like to see more information about Windowmate visit the RF Windowmate website. If you happen to be attending CES 2018 you may have been able to see Windowmate in person.

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