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Akita: Amazon Echo with security

We are now able to pay for our coffees by simply waving our iPhone over a scanner and can even unlock our front door with the sound of our own voice. In a world where we’re increasingly becoming more reliant on technology to manage our daily lives, the threat of hackers and digital intruders increases as well. On average, there are five hacker-accessible home entry points, and the last six months has seen a 45.6% increase in smart home hacks. Silicon Valley startup has recently announced the release of Akita, an elegantly-designed IoT alert watchdog that protects your home from digital incursions. is an experienced and professional customer service that helps you manage the setup, configuration and security of your Smart home devices and network. Akita is an IoT device that scans your network for any unusual activity then proceeds to immediately shut it down if it spots a system compromise, without slowing your connection. Its thoughtfully-designed exterior may be handsome enough to fit in most homes, but Akita provides military-grade security protection, retrofitted for any home.

Akita uses threat intelligence, behavioral analysis and machine learning to make sure it covers any new entry point. It does not use deep packet inspection (DPI) methods either, it is structured in such a way that it won’t enable access to your data - so your personal data stays personal.

Akita uses the IPS security method, meaning that the device analyzes sources that IoT devices should be communicating with and instantly flags anomalies. If anything arises, you will be instantly notified via the robustly-designed Akita App (iOS and Android). Additionally, has always-on-call experts that can help homeowners identify the threat and remotely preserve and restore their privacy and security.

How to Setup Akita…

Plug Akita into a LAN port on the router Install the Akita app and register Scan your Akita barcode Enter your username and password Enjoy your new secure Smart Home is currently taking pre-orders for Akita on Kickstarter with prices starting at $89.00. Each Akita comes with a free month of expert security assistance, which provides a professional service that helps customers manage the setup, configuration and security of their Smart Home devices and networks, and answer any general tech questions. If you are interested in reading more information on the product or the technical specifications visit the Kickstarter page.

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