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CES 2018 Day 2: Blackouts, blackheads and brain waves

In a CES first, there was a total blackout in Central Hall for over an hour during the morning show hours. Power was restored, as the show trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

In other news, power panel of telco executives sharing their vision for how 5G will be a foundation for the future of innovation. Leaders from Verizon, Qualcomm and Baidu showed how 5G will accelerate AI, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and IoT. CES is the new home for the mobile industry. All-star leaders from A+E Networks, Discovery Communications, YouTube, Liontree LLC, Comcast, MACRO and 605 took the stage next for The Future of Video, presented by MediaLink, addressing how “it’s the golden age of the content creation world.” Hulu and Turner wrapped up the afternoon tackling the dynamic of content and technology, while nine-time Olympic golf medalist, Usain Bolt, spent the afternoon at the Gibson tent.

Other products I tried today, was a skin scanning camera add-on from Johnson & Johnson and Neutrogena that that attaches to the upper portion of a smartphone and, using a combo of sensors, is supposed to give users the kind of magnified image of their facial skin that you usually see in before-and-after pics in ads. The scanner wirelessly syncs up with a mobile app, called Skin360, which will show a person’s skin health over time and suggest they improve their skin. It's going to be called, SkinScanner.

I also got my brain scanned today by the good people at TouchPoints and I can reports that brain cells were still detected.

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