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CES 2018: Immersive technologies on display

Day 1 summary:

Intel's record-breaking Shooting Star Mini Drone show and Volocopter kicked off #CES2018 at the preshow keynote.

Brian Krzanich, Intel's CEO, also explored the power of data as the "unseen driving force behind the next great wave of tech innovation." Intel will bring VR content to the upcoming Winter Olympics, delivering the largest VR experience ever across 30 sports programs. Former NFL star Tony Romo also joined Krzanich to discuss how VR will transform the consumer experience for live sports. This morning, CTA's President and CEO Gary Shapiro, and SVP, CES and Corporate Business Strategy Karen Chupka, set the tone for the industry talking about how tech is changing our lives for the better. Next up was Jim Hackett, President and CEO of Ford, introduced the concept of a "Living Street" and how we can "create cities where density and diversity give life."

Then all the halls opened and attendees, media and the industry streamed in for the day.

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