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CES: The speed of light may soon equal the speed of your internet

A great CES find, internet through a light. Oledcomm redefines the standards of connectivity and internet access with MyLiFi®. Winner of two CES Innovation Awards 2018 in the Tech for a Better World and Smart Cities categories, MyLiFi is a gorgeous LED lamp that revolutionizes internet by offering an ultra-fast, secure and radiowave-free connection. MyLiFi revolutionizes internet access and provides controlled access to families, unprecedented confidentiality to professionals, a lag-free gaming experience and radiowave-free internet to all, being particularly beneficial for hospitals. The lamp seemed a little big for me and the space on my desk, but I can see settings where it will work just fine.

Features: Internet through light Far faster than WiFi No radio or electromagnetic waves Ultra-secure Wireless technology Imperceptible signal Plug and play General public and professionals Digital detox feature Light therapy Green technology Color temperature and density Customized lighting ambience Controlled via a web and smartphone app (IoS and Android). The LiFi revolution: ultra-fast, secure, and radiowave-free LiFi (“Light Fidelity”) is a new technology that allows mobile devices (and other connected objects) to connect to each other by using LED lights. LiFi transmits data by modulating the light signals from an LED light bulb. Of course, this process is invisible to the human eye. Light signals are received and converted into data by a dongle connected to the device. This revolutionary technology, created in 2005 by a team including Suat Topsu, President of Oledcomm, had been used for B2B purposes such as helping blind people navigate public transport systems, transmitting medical information in hospitals, and measuring travel times in supermarket aisles. But now LiFi technology is moving into homes and offices as a revolutionary new form of connectivity that is ultra-fast, secure, and that works without any radio waves. Benjamin Azoulay, CEO of Oledcomm: “Just as clean energies are displacing fossil fuels and propelling us towards a world of responsible innovation, light is now replacing radio waves to provide a safe, a people- and eco-friendly internet connection. MyLiFi® marks the start of a new era in connectivity. It's the sense of history!” Low energy consumption: An LED light bulb uses up to 80% less energy than an incandescent light bulb. LiFi is a more environmentally friendly choice – MyLiFi® uses only 13.5 watts of energy, as compared to 20 watts for a WiFi router. One parent application controls all the devices within its range An application (for web or smartphone) links to the MyLiFi® lamp and allows users to control their lighting, to connect different lamps to each other, to select and program different lighting atmospheres, light intensity, and to log off. The application also allows to control and manage other users’ access to groups of lamps or a specific lamp! Potential uses and markets The general public MyLiFi® is perfect for users that wish to benefit from unlimited bandwidth, such as young parents willing to choose the digital moments of their family lives. MyLiFi® is symbolic of a new generation of parents who value their connections, both digital and in real life. Digital connection is redesigned to be respectful in a family environment. The MyLiFi® lamps can be managed through a web/smartphone app that allows families to precisely choose their connected moments and schedule their own “digital detox” offline moments, using an interactive calendar. Gamers, who need low latency and fast, reliable connections. Latency, or ping, is the time it takes for a signal to make a round trip from a browser to the server and back. An Akamai/Pingdom study from 2010 reports that the average WiFi speed in France is 10Mbps vs. 23Mbps for MyLiFi®. Ensuring a faster ping speed. With connection times that are much faster than WiFi, MyLiFi® paves the way for gamers to enter a new gaming industry, where the gaming experience is no longer obstructed by slow response times over WiFi. The business market Internet for premium clients: MyLiFi® is also the solution for public areas where conventional WiFi connections are weak, saturated, and create interference, including offices, hotels, coworking spots, and airport business lounges. Performance and security for professionals: With MyLiFi®, the lamp that combines design and performance, users can benefit from a connection speed that is faster than WiFi, whether or not the light is visible. Moreover, connections are much more secure: LiFi signals use visible light and cannot pass through walls, making it impossible to hack a company's internet connection without attacking its firewall. MyLiFi® offers an alternative to radio and electromagnetic waves, which are potentially harmful to human health. It complies with France's Abeille Law, which limits public exposure to these waves. MyLiFi® for places where WiFi is not allowed due to the risk of interference, such as airports, trains, and airplanes. The Product A concrete solution for smart cities? MyLiFi® can unleash the newfound potential of the world's 14 billion light bulbs, which are capable of forming a powerful and secure communications network. Soon, all connected objects will be able to communicate with each other through the cloud. In the future our homes, offices, and streets will act as our connection points. A technological design challenge The MyLiFi® lamp is a sleek, modern desk lamp. It was designed to be flexible: the light beam can be pointed in any direction according to the user’s needs. The color temperature (from cold white to warm orange) and brightness of the light can be adjusted, making it easy to create the lighting atmosphere of your choice. Its innovative and progressive signature design captures the very essence of LiFi. MyLiFi® is also a statement of design that fits in perfectly with any high-end media unit. The red cable symbolizes data transmission through ethernet ports and then through LED bulbs and the device. The USB key provides on-the-go connection for any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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